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6 Affordable Gift Ideas For A Baby Shower

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Thinking of which baby shower gifts you can buy?

Well, the last thing you want to do is buy things that the baby will not need. If this is your friends, first baby, then the more practical your gift should be. This basically means that the parents need to buy new things and there’s a high chance that they could use all the help they need. Don’t go there with books because the baby will not be able to read, but from every category below there is something you can choose.

1. Clothing

For clothing, you could either get onesies, undershirts, hats, pants, socks, jacket or nightgowns.

newborn baby shower ideas

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2. Feeding items

If the mother is going to be nursing her own child then she will need the following things. Bibs, burp clothes, breast pump, milk storage containers, nursing bras, lotion for sore nipples.

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3. Blankets

Of course, the baby will be wrapped in a blanket most of the times. So, you could get a cotton blanket to wrap the baby in, please make sure it’s clean, soft and warm.

newborn baby shower gifts

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4. Diapers

Most people use diapers and we all know how expensive those things are. Check the expiry date and buy the right sized diapers, basically newborn. You could also buy a diaper bag with the diapers, put the diapers in the bag, together with wipes and even a cloth for wiping.

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5. Bathtime gifts

Babies bathing time is like a ceremony. The room needs to be warm if it’s a cold season and the bathing products used have to be baby soap nothing harsh. So you could get soft-hooded towels for the baby, an infant tub, different washcloths for bathing and a wooden soft brush for babies hair.

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6. If you’re feeling extra

You could get her a stroller, a car seat, a sterilizer for the baby bottles, a changing mat for changing diapers and anything fancy that is expensive.


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You can always get any of the above things from second-hand shops. Remember, this is your friends memorable moment, whether it’s her first or second child a baby is still pricey. Buy something valuable and memorable, please.

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