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These Are Definitely The Best Joints For Ice Cream In Nairobi!

They say ice-cream solves everything, and I cannot dispute that.

The sun is slowly creeping in on us despite the rains this month and you people know that the sun comes with some type of vengeance. Nairobi has it’s fair share of the best ice cream joints! If you’re the type of person who does not joke around when it comes to ice cream matters then this post is just the perfect fit for you.

 The list gathered below will leave your taste buds hungry for more:
1. Sno Cream.

If you have lived in Nairobi all your life and haven’t been to Sno Cream then you are not living in this Nairobi! Located on Koinange Street, the parlour itself is quite old skool and has some of our parents reminiscing about the good old days. The ice-creams are heavenly, rich and creamy. It’s worth every shilling, trust me!

sno cream kenya

2. Cold Stone Creamery.

This ice-cream joint serves some of the tastiest, and creamiest ice creams you can find in town they blend their signature ice-creams with all sorts of fruits and sweets and syrups

Pro tip: They do have one of friendliest staff who happily sing to you as you enjoy your servings.

ColdStone kenya best icecream

3. Creamy Inn.

Creamy Inn offers an array of sumptuous ice cream cones, ice cream cups, sundaes, milkshakes and waffles. We love how their ice-cream menus are quite affordable. You can’t go wrong with cheap thrills.

creamy inn best icecream

4. Java House.

The best known ice-cream that they have to offer is the chocolate chip cookie sundae which goes for KSH 500 is worth every single shilling in your pocket!

java house icecream

5. Tiramisu Bakery Kenya. 

Home to some of the best desserts you can try our their tasty creamy ice creams and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in any way. It’s the best place for a sweet tooth.

icecream tiramisu

Do you have a favourite ice-cream?

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