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#ZumiRecipe: Here’s A Tasty Way To Make Njahi Stew

how to make yummy njahi
Njahi is an excellent source of nutrients and fibre. They make a great stew to be served with a hot plate of vegetable rice or chapati.

In Kenya, it’s a delicacy that is mostly served during parties and traditional ceremonies. They are also considered, a must have for preggo mums eating for two.

Njahis are known to have anti-cancerous and anti-ageing properties because their dark colour shows they are a rich source of antioxidants. These antioxidants neutralize free radicals in our bodies that cause cell damage associated with cancer cells development and speeding up the ageing process.

This yummy dish is best cooked with lots of vegetables. This is how we make them, the Zumi way.

how to make yummy njahi

What you need:

Black bean Kenyan(njahi)


Fresh garlic

Fresh tomatoes






Olive oil

Curry/coriander powder

Tomato paste/puree

Vegetable stock/ water

What to do:

1. Prepare all your fresh vegetables by washing, chopping and ready for cooking.

2. Start by adding 2-3 tbsp of olive oil to a sufuria then add onions and saute until just translucent.

3. Toss in chopped fresh tomatoes, coriander, tomato paste/puree and cover for few minutes until the tomatoes have softened.

4. Add carrots and cover for 2-3 minutes then add potatoes let them cook for 15 minutes with a lid on and on medium heat. Don’t forget to add enough water to let the potatoes cook.

5. Add zucchini cook for few minutes until just soft not too soft there are softly cooked.

6. Add the Black beans (Njahi) and mix them well with the other ingredients, add more water just enough to cover the food, then put the lid on and let it cook for 10-20 minutes.

Try it out and tell us how it goes in the comment section below. This is how you evenly cook pilau on a jiko.





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