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5 Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Walked Out Of Their Horrid Relationships

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It takes a strong woman to leave a broken relationship.

These female Kenyan celebrities walked out of their horrid relationships and we are still clapping. These women were invested in their relationships and marriages but it seems that for one reason or another they had to walk away. They are not special because they are celebrities, it just happens that they are good examples of the many situations women are in. Women need to gather more strength to walk out of bad relationships and be stronger alone.

1. Betty Kyallo

The KTN TV news anchor came out and admitted that her husband battered her ruthlessly. She had been dating Dennis Okari for 6 years but after a few months of marriage the couple split up.

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Source: Betty Kyallo

2. Lilian Muli

Lilian Muli walked out from her marriage that most of us actually thought was a fairy tale. Rumors have it that she was battered by her ex husband and when she decided to move on she stayed single for a while. She is now in a relationship and almost giving birth.

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Source: Waza

3. Tina Koroso

Tina was in an abusive relationship where the man used to physically hit her. He would threaten her by calling her while she was at work live on air on radio- and harassing her. He would call every phone in the office in attempts to control her life.

kenyan female celebrities

Image: SDE

4. Janet Wanja

The volleyball star was in a relationship for four years with a man who threatened by her success. To prove to her that he was still the man in the relationship he became violent and she stayed with him until she had enough.

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Image: Ghafla!

5. Anne Kiguta

Rumors have it that the news anchor walked out from her relationship after she suffered domestic violence. She walked away and clearly now she is glowing and better than ever.

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Source: Anne Kiguta.

These women are great representatives of women who are climbing up the ladder but the men in their lives are threatened by success. If they could walk out you can also walk out and end up flourishing.

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