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Depressed After A Breakup? Keri Hilson Has The Tools!

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Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful!

Depressed after a breakup? It happens to the best of us, we cry, and, and cry for days to weeks on end. You’re human, you have a genuine heart it’s allowed. I was shocked at Keri Hilson’s press conference and applauded at how she talked about mental illness and her recovery.

Keri Hilson

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Here’s what every woman needs to do to recover from a break up:
1. Cry, cry, cry

Its allowed you need to release all that hurt, all that pain, once you’re done, recuperate and move on with your life.

2. Take some time off

Whether it’s from work or your social life. Your mental state needs it to regroup.


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3. Make a comeback, stronger than ever

Yes, girl! You’re still healing I understand that but remember you’re not broken. Everything happens for a reason, he wasn’t meant for you and your king awaits. Suck it up and get your sexy back.

4. Share your story

You don’t know who you might inspire. It’s in helping others that you heal and feel fulfilled.

Keri Hilson

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I know that depression affects us in every aspect of our lives, a breakup isn’t a death sentence but a lesson. Once you realize this, your recovery will be faster. It may hurt! Let it hurt! But remember that pain is temporary. Do whatever you have to do get back to your usual self and back your emotional power back.

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