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3 Reasons To Decrease Your Kid’s Screen Time

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Ahhhh! The Miracle of TV

What a joy to be a live in this digital Technicolor world! What A joy! Television nowadays is a basic need in every household. That means a lot of screen time for everyone.Most of y’all will admit to having smart TVs even in the village. Check you out, making money moves. But we have to agree that TV really isn’t that good for anyone, especially young kids and the crisis we have right now is that kids are watching TV from such early ages.

1.The sun is out

Why is your toddler watching grown men in suits frolic in the grass when they too can frolic and be merry, get some much needed sun and fresh air? Avoid having the TV on during the day to encourage your kids to play outside

Image result for black kids playing in the sun

2. Suspect content

Dead ass heard my little neighbor screaming at her dad, calling him, only for her to shout “am not coming.”

You laugh now, you think it’s cute, you won’t be laughing when she does a live performance for your pastor who came to pray for your ailing mother. You know the little tyke will do it too.


source: Parent daily

3. Totally affects their grades

Well, duh, your little angel is watching Henry Danger as if Mr. Danger is going to swoop in and do his tests for him. He doesn’t. Kids who watch a lot of TV tend to be poor performers because while their little brains are being stimulated, it’s the wrong kind of stimulation and they will probably spend a big part of their day revisiting the things they saw last night.

Image result for black kids with bad grades

source: Parent.com

Guys, just make sure that your kids are spending their lives doing stuff that matters instead of rotting their brains in front of screens. Let us know in the comments what activities you make your kids do instead of watching TV. Let’s help other parents!




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