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Dear 20 Year Old Beauty, Ditch Mr.Insecure! He’s Manipulative AF!

insecure men, insecurities, dealing with insecurities
Don’t let his insecurities become your own!

Many men put on a front but most of them are dealing with insecurities and this is always obvious when you are the more confident one in a relationship, God forbid you are also popular because that will also be a problem. If you’re dating, you must make sure you never willingly put your partner at a point where he feels threatened by other guys because you are openly flirting or you also never make him feel less of a man because you’re earning more, but if neither is the case and he is still acting insecure then it’s time to nip all that in the bud.

Remember these three things when dealing with an insecure man:

insecure men, insecurities, dealing with insecurities, jealous men

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1. It’s his problem, not yours

If a man tries to twist his problems and make them yours, you need to really pay attention to this and realize that his insecurities are not yours. So learn to figure out the route to the problem and when you do, try your best to make him feel less uneasy about it. However, if it carries on, confront him about it, to find out what the real problem is, this way you avoid prolonging an issue that can easily be cleared.

insecure men, insecurities, dealing with insecurities, jealous men

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2. There is a thin line between being simply jealous and acting crazy

It is fantastic when a man is a little bit jealous however if he is wanting to hover around you all the time and acts extremely more jealous around your male friends, you need to at first make him comfortable about your relationships with the men in your life. Make sure that he is also included and also make sure you’re also included when it comes to him spending time with his female friends. Ensure honesty at all times and regular communication when you are with your male friends, when this happens then they should be no need for extreme jealousy. However after doing all this he is still jealous then means there is a high case of him being slightly obsessed with you, this is never a good thing and the best option is often to cut yourself loose from such a man.

insecure men, insecurities, dealing with insecurities, jealous men

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3. The only person who can control your life is God

If your man is trying to control what you do, who you talk to and where you go then your giving too much power to a man when it should only be God who has that right. This will for sure make for a very unhealthy relationship and is certainly not a recommendable way to live, for you are a slave in your own relationship.

Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud!

A poem to remind you leaving him was the right choice!