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Catch Your Househelp Red-Handed With This ‘Invisible’ Home Camera

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It is time to become a spy with this home camera.

There is a growing number of cases where people who you have trusted to care for your home and children tend to be the ones who end up stealing from you or treating your children. Being trustworthy in the help is a good thing because it helps them settle in but at the same time being too trusting to people you do not know could be a security risk. There are many ways to catch a thief and one of the ways is: setting up home cameras in your home.

There are many cameras in the market that promise to be invisible but are so obvious. In order to catch someone red-handed, then the surveillance system needs to look like everyday appliances.

This home camera hidden in a bulb is the most exciting thing I have seen this year. 

The bulb can be added to any room in the house. 

The price is Ksh 4250.

Would you have a nanny camera to make sure your house is secure and your kids are well taken care of?

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