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Business Tips You Can Learn From Safaricom When Running A Facebook Shop

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Safaricom is successful for a reason, so learn from them!

So get some customer education from one of the most successful companies in Kenya. You’re starting a small business selling clothes or makeup on Facebook then here is what Safaricom is doing on a bigger scale you can apply in small scale.

1. Customer service

Making sure you have put information of how customers can contact you, from email to a telephone. Also, include the times too, if you’re not a 24/7 business like Safaricom then ensure they know the times you’re open and closed. Facebook will rate you poorly if your response rate to customers is not as quick.

2. Innovation

Safaricom Mpesa ensures they will always be guaranteed of customers because no other telephone company in Kenya has quite matched what they are doing. So what can you offer within your business that will get customers hooked left, right and centre? Also, explore new ideas on either how to sell or even what you’re selling if possible. See what is currently being done and try a different way. For instance, you can promote what you’re selling through the what’s app status tab and it can be another way of generating new customers.

3. Branding

Be consistent with your branding. Let the colours you use, the pictures you share, your logo, your tagline and the basis of your business all communicate the customer the same thing. Branding will build the association you want for your business and also subconscious triggers where you can instantly know what brand it is you’re looking at, like for instance if you saw a tick sign you instantly think of Nike.

4. Social responsibility

Be a business that thinks about people so, for instance, offering student offer or mother’s day offers. When you’re a brand that tries to think about its customers you build a stronger connection with customers.

These are just some of the things if applied to your business you are certainly more likely to grow and even attract more customers as well as retain those who’ve purchased from you before.

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