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Brunch Is Delicious And Here Is The Reason You Should Go Everyday!

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This is why you need to be excited about brunch.

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1.Guilt-free day drinking

One of the best things about brunch is it is usually paired with (hopefully bottomless) mimosas, the delicious drink of orange juice and champagne. Brunch time is usually between 11 am and 1 pm, and ordinarily, that would be seen as too early to start drinking – not during brunch! Brunch it up and start enjoying those drinks early.

basketball wives GIF by VH12.Cheaper than lunch or dinner

Because of the time of day brunch falls in, you can usually get a delicious, filling meal for less than you would pay for lunch or dinner. Brunch pricing is usually comparable to breakfast prices. Who can turn down a tasty meal that costs less? Nobody in the history of ever.

pay me bitch better have my money GIF3.Girl time

What is better than hanging out with your girls over a delicious meal and drinks? Nothing, that’s what. Brunch is a great opportunity to go out but not go HAM. You get to get dressed up, have drinks and a meal and you could still be home before 3 pm. This is the perfect outing for the homebodies among us. Next time your girl is complaining she doesn’t feel like going out, take her to brunch, the best compromise.

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Brunch has been highly underrated for too long, no more Ladies. Let’s take advantage of this glorious meal, who knows, together we could even get it to main meal status.

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