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Boss Moves, Susan Kaittany Is Set To Launch A New Show

susan kaittany's new show
Susan Kaittany is known for her passion for fashion and travel.

When she isn’t busy bossing in her high end salon, Posh Palace, she is somewhere in the world making us wish that we were travelling with her.

Well not for long.

The gorgeous Ms Kaittany is about to launch her first ever travel meets fashion television show.

Talking to Word Is she shared major details about it,

“It’s a lifestyle show. It’s combining my travel, where I’m going to all these different destinations and while going to these destinations, I’m basically looking for the perfect location to shoot. So I’ll be doing all this adventure kinda related activities on the ground.”

Her super cool Instagram profile tells the story of a woman who enjoys to globe trot. She’s always posing in luxurious hot spots and adorning her model body in designer clothes we mostly get to see on TV.

And this is just Diani.susan kaittany new show

Source: Instagram/@Susankaittany

Now, she’s about to rock our world by unearthing and reviewing travel destinations that will have you changing your travel bucket list and definitely rethinking your wardrobe.

She says,

“It’s like a really cool travel show that shows the lifestyle part as well. I’m doing across the world and this week, I’m going to South Africa and next week, I’ll be going to Dubai. I’m basically shooting across all these destinations.”

We can’t think of a better way of dealing with the heartbreak of losing a best friend and moving on. Susan and her ex bestie, Betty Kyallo, have been front lining celebrity gossip over their break up. Betty even called the cops on her.


Well, were wishing her nothing but the best with her new series. We’ll be counting days to the premier.

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