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Blue Band Is Raising A New Generation of Kenyan Children

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The Good Old Days

Remember how, growing up, breakfast was not the same without Blue Band? How we would insist on spreading Blue Band on bread, mix it with porridge or eat it right out of the tub? Those moments that legit had us singing, “B without BB is like a train without an engine?” Blue Band is helping us make that happen for some special children in Kenya!

How Can We All Grow Great Kids?

We’ve all been feeling the pinch in our pockets these past few months as maize shortages have caused an increase in the price of maize in Kenya these last few months, and heard about the crisis in Baringo that has left some fellow Kenyans literally starving. We hear some change may be on the horizon with that draft policy that promises to give government help to the more than 7 million unemployed persons in Kenya, many of whom are women and children. This type of news can be so overwhelming given all our own struggles, so we were really happy to hear about Blue Band’s commitment to give a nutritious breakfast to a needy child for every sale of the limited edition 500gram pack! It’s like having your cake and eating it too!


Same Old Blue Band, Even Better

Since the beginning of time, Blue Band has been fortified with key vitamins like Vitamin A which helps with vision and a healthy immune system, for all of us who don’t like carrots! Blue Band also contains Vitamin D for healthy bones and teeth, as well as vitamin B6 and B12, Niacin and Folic Acid – and all the moms and moms to be said AMEN. What’s new is it now also contains Canola oil grown right here in Kenya, which is rich in Omega 3 and 6, and crucial for heart health.



Let’s Join Blue Band In Doing Good.

We don’t all have to have extra money to make an impact on needy people in our communities. Especially now that kids are on holiday, look for volunteer or mentorship opportunities, either at your local church/mosque, or a nearby school. Most of us actually have a relative who could use that extra attention. Nowadays time is as important a resource as money.

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If you’re blessed to have a young one, teach them the value of sharing and helping others. They’ll be able to appreciate what that tub of Blue Band is doing for other children, and may even want to go out and do their part with the little they have. So umeongeza Blue Band kwa shopping list? 

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