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Best Baby Shower Gifts For New Moms

Gifts For New Mum Kenya
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Now you can pick a gift with no hustle.

Gifts have always been a controversial point when it comes to choosing the right one.Probably it’s not once or twice that you’ve received a gift only to open and find something totally unfitting for the occasion or the individual. Also you on the other hand might have gotten stuck in a dilemma in what to get for a baby shower.Baby showers are meant for the expectant mother where she is showered with gifts and it’s likely to get a situation where there are too many similar gifts.But hey,don’t fret because we got you!So here is a list of unique baby shower gifts that are essential and unique:

1.Gift cards

A unique and modern method that is thoughtful and sweet. You can research on what the individual is in love with;for example a shoe or clothes store,a mall she’s wanted to shop at, etc.This is the advantage of gift cards;the mother will  get to pick what she actually likes or needs and in doing so you’ll have avoided being a cliché gift giver.

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2.Baby blankets

With this particular item you could win by either trying to hand make it or get it handmade or get her a really sweet cuddly and unique baby blanket.How this gift becomes perfect is in that it’s made with love. It’s a well thought off gift which shows how much you care for the expectant baby.

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Imagine your friend not having to stress about diapers for the next months after she gives birth?It saves both cost and time for her.As much as people say that this is an extremely cliché gift to give I tend to feel otherwise. I mean,she will never get to a point that she’ll think that the diapers are too many.Even when the kid is one year old,she’ll still require  diapers.

4.Baby accessories

This gift could range from furniture to baby books to baby’s clothes to baby carriers.You can think of items that your expectant friend will most certainly need.You could get a crib or a baby bag or even baby clothes. Make sure to go neutral with the colors though if the gender has not been revealed yet.

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There are so many other ideas you could come up with to make sure it’s as thoughtful as possible.Some have also been heard of offering services to the expectant individual like spa’s.

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