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The Best Shoes Store In Nairobi – Backyard Vs Instyle Shoes?

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Which is the best shoe store in Nairobi?

Buying shoes in Nairobi could be an agenda because there are many stores in Nairobi. Two of the best shoe stores in Nairobi are Backyard Shoes and Instyle Shoes. They are similar in shoe collections, their marketing strategies are similar and they are sometimes also on the same floor in the same shopping malls.

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The competition is stiff when it comes to these shoe stores.

Source: Lisa Gaitho

Source: Lisa Gaitho

If you are a shoe lover then you have definitely bought one or two pairs from Instyle Shoes and Backyard Shoes.

Anerlisa Muigai Shoes Kenya

Source: Anerlisa Muigai/Instagram

Which shoe store is your favorite?
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Which other stores are the best shoe stores in Kenya! These are the clothes Kenyan Blogger, Joanna Kinuthia bought from online store, Jumia.





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