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All Men Love Bad Girls And Here Are Reasons Why

Good girls are just bad girls waiting to happen.

We all know women love a bad boy, but men love a bad girl too. There’s just something so right about doing something wrong. What is it about bad girls that men find alluring? Here are a few reasons why that guy you like may be going after the bad girl and not you.

music video beyonce GIF1.Excitement

There’s something that can be exciting about doing something you are not supposed to, there’s a certain rush that comes with it. Sometimes that rush is hard to resist. The thing about excitement though is it’s not sustainable. Nobody can or wants to be in a constant state of excitement after some time the thrill of it wears off.

anti world tour rihanna GIF2.Rebelling

One way to deal with the sometimes crushing weight of expectations is to reject them. If you have a fear of settling down and committing yet you know this is what your family and society expects of you, one way of dealing is to run in the opposite direction – into the arms of a bad girl.

go fuck yourself smile GIF by Kehlani3.Fear of commitment

Men are notorious for their issues with commitment. Many of them are plagued with an almost crippling fear of it. This is why dating a bad girl is so appealing to them. They know there’s no chance they are going to marry the bad girl, so for them, the relationship is a risk-free endeavour, they get to have their cake and eat it too.

over it ugh GIF by America's Got Talent

Men like bad girls, and that’s ok. If you’re a good girl wondering why you’re crush keeps going for the bad girls, don’t worry. Bad girls have their moment in the sun and good girls have theirs too, luckily us good girls are patient.

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