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#AfricanMumChallenge: Kenyans Share Funny Reasons Why Their Mums Are The Best

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Growing up with an African mum is undoubtedly one of the most treasured memory that most of us have in common.

That is why when Twitter created #Africanmumchallenge, thousands of people came out to share their most memorable moments with their mothers.

The results were hilarious.

Let’s see how many you can relate to

When you drop something in the kitchen and she threatens to add it to your dowry payment

 She questions you about everything even your Whatsapp profile picture

When she asks you to cook and then starts nagging every two minutes

She never asks why you lied but waits until your home for a time of reckoning

Then she gives you the whooping of a lifetime while she talks like this

And your siblings won’t dare to get involved because they’ll be beaten too

Seriously, you know this because she’s ever beaten you for snitching on your siblings

When she won’t let you eat before you do what she asked you to do

But loves to over feed you because no child of hers will ever be called skinny!

And she is very generous in the kitchen

Mums are everything!

They always have your back, will always take care of you and love you unconditionally.

Have you talked to yours today? Make that call and tell her thank you for being so awesome.

What’s your funniest childhood memory? Muthoni Njoba’s message to all single moms is a must watch!










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