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9 Things You Need To Do To Be A Socialite In Kenya

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According to the dictionary a socialite is a person who is well known in fashionable society and is fond of social activities and entertainment.

According to our societal definition, a socialite is someone who has to change themselves to fit into a certain criteria in the society. They are people who crave attention and are mostly fake. They have mastered the art of faking it until the make it, they mostly start out from humble beginnings then make their way up. In Kenya if you want to be a socialite you need to do the following things.

1. Skin lightening

For some reason most socialites feel the need to be light skinned. They almost always go the extra mile to be lighter teaching people that dark skin is not enough. So you would also have to join the bandwagon and start bleaching sis (which I think is super shallow).

how to be a socialite in Kenya

Image: megastoreuju.blogspot.com

2. Fake accent 

You have to get an American accent or something that sounds foreign as long as it’s not Kenyan or from your mother tongue. Just be eloquent, have a whiny voice and try and sound learned.

how to be a socialite in Kenya

Image: Answersafrica

3. Big ass, small waist and thunderous thighs 

Either do squats, sit ups and some butt implants to get a big bum. You need to have a body like Beyonce, curvy at whatever cost but not fat at the same time.

how to be a socialite in Kenya

Image: Ghafla!

4. Have an upcoming business 

Yes, you can’t just be pretty with no brains, you need to have an upcoming business for women. Either makeup or slimming tea or some fancy clothing line, as long as you have something going on that people can relate to.

how to be a socialite

Image: kisumuinsyder.co.ke

5. Be associated with the rich and famous 

Yes, you need to know the right people in this society. From politicians to celebrities and make sure you post them online because that will just cause a bit of a stir in the media.

how to be a socialite in Kenya

Image: Ghafla!

6. Have a very interactive Instagram account 

An interactive social media account, but mostly Instagram is preferable because you get to grow your audience quicker. Just have semi nude photos and write things like this picture below.

Image result for huddah on IG

7. Be seen at every event 

Always be present with really popular people so that you can also be popular as well.

how to be a socialite in Kenya

Image: SDE

8. Have an iPhone and a power bank 

It comes a package, an iPhone and a pink power bank has to be the order of the day. Tecno and androids is a very big let down for your reputation.

how to be a socialite in Kenya

Image: Nairobi Wire

9. Only drink Moet and promote expensive alcohol

Do not be seen drinking cheap clear liquor, what you need is to be associated with people who can buy expensive alcohol and then post it on social media because everyone needs to see that you have expensive taste.

how to be a socialite

Image: Daily Post

Alternatively, you can grow yourself as a person and be known for something useful or helpful to people. It really depends on the kind of person you are, if you want to be a socialite you need to invest in changing yourself more than you really should. Don’t work hard to remain the same but also don’t work too hard to be ratchet.

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