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9 Signs Your Ex Might Want To Get Back With You

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Dealing with a breakup is one of the hardest things.

It feels like someone literally put their hand in your heart and twisted it. But there are a few times where based on the circumstances your ex and you broke up you may get back. Your ex may want to get back with you probably because you have spent time apart and they now miss you or maybe because they realize that you’re truly the one for them. All in all if you’re reading this you might want to get back with your ex or perhaps you’d like to clarify your relationship status with him.

1. They try keep in touch

An ex is someone who is meant to stay out of your life for good. This means that if he tries to keep in touch then he definitely wants to stay in your life for a reason but you have to know if the reason he wants to stay is because of sex or because he genuinely wants you back.

signs you will get back with your ex

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2. They can still give you information about their life

They don’t keep things on the low, they are ready to dish out all their life details just like they used to when they were with you.

signs you will get back with your ex

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3. They always view your social media updates

Every Instagram/Snapchat story you post they either view it or they like all your posts. The fact that you’re still friends on social media is a big deal as it means they miss you and are still trying to keep connected.

signs you will get back with your ex

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4. They act jealous around you

Ever bumped into them in a club and if they see you with another guy they just end up looking at you badly? You wonder why they would look at you in a funny way when they claimed they don’t like you anymore, they are basically jealous.

signs you will get back with your ex

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5. They make random excuses to talk to you

They will text you and remind you that you still have their socks or ask you about your grandma who died a year ago. They will always find a way to stay in your life.

signs you will get back with your ex

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6. They take responsibility for what happened

All of a sudden they accept that they actually hurt you and that they genuinely wish they could do things differently. This means he has now come to the realization that there’s more to the both of you and perhaps he has more to work on.

signs you're going to get back with your ex

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7. The relationship ended on a peaceful note

If your relationship didn’t end with so much hate then it will be easier to get back together.

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8. You were together for a long time

The longer you were together then the easier it would be to get back together if you actually had many good memories together.

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9. He responds to your attempts to reach out

If he detested you then he would not accept your attempts of talking to him. There’s a reason he doesn’t want you entirely out of his life especially if you recently broke up.

signs you'r getting back with your ex

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These may all be good and positive signs to know if your ex wants you back. Please remember that you should never give your power to a man if he hurt you and if he loves you he will come and try get you back. You should not struggle to get a man who loves and appreciates you.

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