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8 Things You Should Never Do To Keep A Man

things you should never do to keep a man
You’re always the one trying to make him happy, thinking of ways to make sure he sticks around, this shouldn’t be your life.

You should never do these things to keep a man happy and you know why? Because he can leave you, I don’t care if he gave you a promise ring, if you wrote it on the Bible and kissed it, you deserve to be happy while in a relationship and you being happy should make him happy. Women do so many things to try and keep a man interested, not take them for granted and yet he can still leave you after you slave your life away for him. If you do these things for a man, you need to halt, he is just a man not a God.

1. Lose weight for him

Why should you be losing weight because of someone? Do it because you want to be healthy, because you love yourself and it makes you happy. Don’t be put under pressure to be a man’s typical type of woman like Beyonce or something, because for starters he should love you for who you are.

things you shouldn't do to keep a man

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2. Do weird sexual things to keep him happy 

Don’t get into uncomfortable things just to impress him, why try anal and other kinky things if you’re not interested?

things you shouldn't do to keep a man

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3. Drop your friends for him

Your friends should be right up there with all your other priorities. You should never put your friends on the other side because of a man. A man usually manages to keep his friends close to him so why should you dump yours?

things you shouldn't do to keep a man

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4. Give up your dreams for him

You cannot get with a man and then help him shape his dreams while your dreams are over there getting rusty. Always put yourself as the first priority, love him but don’t forget your ambitions and dreams.

things you should not do keep a man

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5. Clean after him

Are you his house help? Nope, they say you should do things for him like cook which is okay but going out of your way like it’s your duty is not a requirement.

things you should never do to keep a man

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6. Give him money

I mean do we need to talk about this? Unless you’re married and he is going through a rough patch.

things you should never do for a man

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7. Change yourself to suit him

There’s a way a man will inspire you to get better but if he keeps telling you that you need to lose weight, to change your hair and not positive criticism then this is not okay.

things you should not do to keep a man

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8. Be a yes woman so you don’t annoy him

Being a yes woman is all cute until the day you tell him no and he doesn’t understand why you’re disrespectful. If you’re the type of woman who doesn’t like saying the truth because you’re scared you will chase him away then you’re really shallow. You cannot be there entertaining a man and his weaknesses so that he doesn’t leave.

things you should never do to keep a man

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Always have dignity and understand that the worst fear to have is the one where you’re scared of losing someone. People can walk in and out of your life at any time and you don’t need to hold on to them by doing extra things, if they want to go let them go.

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