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7 Annoying Things You Will Go Through When Trying To Hide Your Pregnancy Bump

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These are the annoying things you will go through when trying to hide your pregnancy bump.

Not everyone is usually excited about their pregnancy and even when they are it’s still not easy. Your body will be going through changes that will take a toll on you and depending on your situation you might not like it. A baby cannot be hidden and that’s just the reality, so these are the things you will go through when trying to hide a bump.

1. The first trimester you keep asking people if your bump is showing

You keep touching your stomach and you actually think there’s an imaginary bump. Like in the movies you look at the mirror and keep rubbing your invisible tummy. Everyone tells you that your stomach is not big and you don’t look pregnant but you don’t believe it.

stages of hiding a pregnancy bump

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2. You start wearing baggy clothes which makes you look fat

You start wearing baggy clothes so early even when your bump is not showing. You’re paranoid so you think everyone else is lying and you’re already fat.

stages of a pregnancy bump

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3. People wonder if your stomach is fat or if you’re pregnant

Then finally, you’ve been asking for it and now you have it. People start asking you if your stomach is fat or if you’re just pregnant. You feel awkward and even get baggier clothes but your bump is not hard yet.

pregnancy bump

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4. Your clothes stop fitting and you get depressed

Nothing fits you, not even your biggest pair of jeans. Your jeans are officially too tight and occasionally you open it but you keep insisting that it still fits you, you’re in denial that the baby is growing.

pregnancy bump

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5. Then you can only wear dresses but you can’t hide your bump anymore

You finally give up on dresses because it’s already bad enough that your baby is pressing on your bladder. You slowly start to embrace dresses and before you know it, you’re in all sorts of dresses and you don’t care. At this point you will try wearing shift dresses but by your last trimester even the birds can see your bump from the sky.

pregnancy bump

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6. Everyone either congratulates you or touches your bump and you hate it

You’re not exactly into the whole bump and granted you love your small unborn baby but you’re not used to what the pregnancy is doing to you. There are times people will touch your bump and you’re okay with yet there are other times when you’re just like please stop highlighting it.

pregnancy bump

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7. You’re finally too tired to care

You reach a point where the only thing you care about is comfort and there are times you will watch yourself getting bigger and feel devastated. By the end of your third trimester you no longer care whether you walk like a duck or a penguin, you just want the baby to come out safely as soon as possible.

pregnancy bump

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If you have decided to keep a baby then the sooner you accept that there will be a lot of change the happier you will be. This is the time you should get rid of all the chills you have and just leave your life. Focus on your health, on your baby and get rid of all negativity.

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