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6 Ways To Save Money As A Single Mother

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How do you save money as a single mother?

Whether you’re actively co-parenting or you’re a single mother you need to save money for your baby. A new person in your life who is fully dependent on you just means you need to change your budget to suit your baby. There are expenses that happen to be miscellaneous a lot of the time and before you know it, you’re back to the ground. Here are simple ways you can save money.

1. Buy food in bulk

When you’re running a house that has a child in it you need to actually make sure it becomes a home. Buying food in bits will turn out to be pricey and will be overwhelming. Buy things like rice and flour in wholesale shops which last for months. Ensure you are always in the know of how much you have of everything and make sure your nanny knows that you know.

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Source: New Food Magazine

2. Find a cheap nanny

Nannies are expensive. However, if you can, find a live in nanny and treat her well but pay her less. Remember she will be using your resources and eating your food, so you can pay her 7k a month to begin with.

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Source: Business Today Kenya

3. Open a fixed savings account

Open a fixed savings account for your child. From the time your child is an infant or whatever age he/she is, purpose to save for them. This money will come in handy for an emergency but most importantly for school fees. You can put as little as 500 KSh, but it will motivate you to save more and work harder.

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4. Pay your bills on time

If you leave things pending for a while they will obviously be expensive. Pay your electricity on time, add tokens if you have to before it runs out.

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Source: Verywell family

5. Find cheap ways of entertaining you and your kids

We know entertaining yourself with kids can be quite a challenge. Find creative and fun ways of bonding with your children in the house. Make your environment a fun area so that you and them don’t get bored. You can try art and crafts, movie days or board games, this will also keep their minds active.

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Source: Easy Peasy and Fun

6. Buy used clothes

Never feel pressure to buy new clothes if you can’t afford it. There are so many places you can buy used children’s clothes that are fashionable and affordable.


Beyond everything, live within your means. Remember to also start a side hustle to earn extra cash, if you’re straining it means you need to look for other opportunities. Think outside the box, which talents or hobbies do you have that can make you money?




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