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6 Ways To Overcome Sex Addiction

How to take a”D” iction down a notch.

One might take sex addiction as a normal thing and would even go to the extent of saying that they are addicted to having sex and that it’s not a bad thing. Sex addiction is not the same as having a vigorous sex drive. Sex addiction is bad, whereas sex drive is good. Here are a few pointers to determine whether you’re an addict or you just love getting laid.

1. Determine whether you have an addiction

Remember that sex addiction is not the same as having a vigorous sex drive.You might have sexual addiction if you portray or exhibit persistent escalating patterns of sexual behavior despite increasing negative consequences for yourself and other people around you. The high you get from the sex, occupies and infiltrates your mind constantly and are always looking for the next chance to feel that pleasure again. Vigorous sex drive on the other hand, is defined as you just can’t get enough of the D. Sometimes it’s just too good. That, is normal and so if you find yourself craving your man, keep in mind that it’s his job to keep you satisfied and craving more.

Examples of a sex addict; people who spend their salary and savings on prostitutes, business people who watch pornography at the office despite being aware of the consequences. Anyone can have a sex addiction no matter the sex, gender, sexuality and relationship status.

How to overcome sex addiciton

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2. Decide whether you need professional help

Once you have established that you have a sex addiction and have come to terms with it, the next step is to seek help from a therapist or psychologist. For some people with hyper-sexual disorder or sex addiction can treat their condition on their own, by changing their lifestyle and coming up with how-to ways to avoid spiraling down back  to sex addiction again. For those who are knee deep in addiction and don’t know how to overcome and deal with it, the best route to take is to get professional help and seek guidance from a knowledgeable source.

How to overcome sex addiction

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3.Seek support from loved ones

Quitting sex addiction can be a lonely endeavor to embark on. Spending time with family and friends, will remind you of the reasons as to why you’re quitting and this will motivate you to do whatever it takes to get better. Being surrounded by people who love and care about you, will boost your motivation and confidence to beat addiction.

How to overcome sex addiction

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4. Discuss a treatment plan and find a qualified therapist

Seek medical attention from someone who is qualified to diagnose your addiction and prescribe methods of coping with addiction. Its preferable to find someone who has experience in treating sex addicts.
Depending on how bad your addiction is, it is best to work with a plan that best suits your level of addiction. Working step by step helps in the fighting process. Work with your therapist to come up with behavioral patterns that you can follow and time management schedule that is bound to keep you busy and occupied.

How to overcome sex addiction

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5.Set aside shame and embarrassment

Being ashamed and embarrassed is normal. But don’t let these feelings get in the way of you getting better and coping with your addiction. Take therapy as a way of opening up and getting to understand how it works. Your therapist is there to help make you better and not to judge you. Remember you are not alone. Many people struggle with hyper-sexual disorder. Mental health providers are discreet and understanding. They will keep your information confidential.

How to overcome sex addiction

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6.Join a support group on sex addiction

Whether you want a structured 12-step program, a faith-based program, or a hotline you can call, it is a good idea to connect with other patients. Look for groups online or ask your doctor for recommendations.

How to overcome sex addiciton

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Having sex isn’t a bad thing especially when you’re getting it real good from that real man. But bear in mind that there is a difference between addiction and just enjoying sex because one is a condition and the other is simply and purely amazing sex.

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