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6 Types Of Basic Kenyan Girls That We All Know Too Well

Let’s not pretend, not all girls are classy.

The most annoying thing about basic Kenyan girls is that they pretend to be classy when they are not. These basic Kenyan girls have a special place in our country because they live a lie, they try to fake it but they never really make it. It is irritating because it is easier for someone to be themselves but not these girls. These girls would rather act like someone else hence why they are now basic girls.

1. The fashion basic AKA slay queen

They usually have long fake nails usually with one that is missing or sometimes the nail polish is chipped. They hardly have their own hair because they would rather wear cheap weaves and makeup is their best friend. They put on too much makeup and they shave off their eyebrows and draw their own.

kenyan basic girl

Image: Hivisasa

2. The one who keeps posting her life issues on IG

These ones are always trying to prove to us that they are living a fab life while we know that they are just pretending. They usually post photos and quotes about how men are trash but in all honesty she wants attention.

signs you're a kenyan basic girl

Image: wis.pr

3. The one with a fake accent

She was raised in Nairobi, went to a school in Makueni and all of a sudden she has an accent? Once in a while her true accent comes out or sometimes she says his instead of hers and it’s just embarrassing.

signs you're a kenyan basic girl

Image: Giphy

4. The one who pretends to be rich

She likes talking about how rich her family is while no one has even asked her about it. Once in a while she has been caught lying about the places she has visited or the school she went to simply because she wants to seem superior.

signs you're a basic kenyan girl

5. The side chicks

These ones are just tiring. They have stolen people’s girlfriends, people’s boyfriends and people’s husbands. They are many, they are fierce and they don’t care because they are ratchet.

alpha female

Image: Comm345’s Blog – WordPress.com

6. The basic blonde

The basic blonde is the kind who pretends to know everything but in reality she doesn’t know much. She also pretends to be a saint by telling you about how holy she is but we all know she is really ratchet.

signs you're a kenyan basic girl

Image: Giphy

A basic girl is a girl without class, she tries too hard to impress other people and in result she ends up embarrassing herself. She mostly lives in a lie and struggles to be herself because of her own insecurities. Please be yourself.

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