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6 Things To Expect During Child Birth

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Forget the movies these are the things to expect during child birth.

Child birth is another experience that is simply unique to everyone. It really depends on your body, your baby and you just need to understand that everyone’s experience is definitely different. But, all in all these are the general expectations to have during child birth.

1. Bloody mucus will be pushed out

During your pregnancy mucus is usually generated by the uterus during ovulation and accumulated in the cervix. As this mucus thickens, it seals the cervix, protecting the growing baby. As your body gets ready for labour, and your cervix starts to dilate, this plug of thick bloody mucus is pushed out.

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2. Breaking water

Remember how you see water breaking in the movies? Well not all women actually have the same experience when the water is breaking. For most of us, it happens during labour itself, either naturally, or with some help from the doctor or midwife. And, if your water does break on its own, it can be a trickle or a huge gush  it’s that unpredictable!

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3. You may pee and fart

Imagine you’re in the middle of labour and then boom you just end up peeing and farting. Your baby is trying to come out from your body which puts more pressure on those bits of you that have already been under stress for the past nine months, which may mean that you release a gush of pee or a burst of gas. Image result for black girl in labour gif

4. Many people will see your cervix

People, mostly nurses and doctors will be coming to see how far you’ve gone. Labour can be anything from a few hours to over 20 hours, and during this process your caregiver will come check on your progress.

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5. Vomiting and nausea is normal

Did you know your digestion stops when you’re in labour? You might just end up throwing up because of the pain you’re going through and it’s considered normal. You should only eat light foods to avoid any serious vomiting.

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6. The placenta must come out 

You’ve probably heard about the things that people do with their placenta things like eating it, which is just bizarre. But after giving birth. If it doesn’t come out naturally then the doctor will massage the belly pressing firmly down to help expel the uterus and blood clots. The doctor will then thoroughly check the placenta to ensure that nothing has been retained. You will also bleed, a lot, after birth.

things that happen during labour

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We all know that the process of giving life is not an easy one. I didn’t have to mention pain because I think that’s rather obvious, it will be painful that’s just the woman’s curse.

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