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6 Signs Your Boyfriend Will Get Back With His Baby Mama

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Your boyfriend will probably get back with his baby mama.

You know why? He is not over the mother of his child but you insist on being a step mother honey! You want to take care of him and his child but he is not fully committing to ou. Realize that taking care of another woman’s child is not easy or even dealing with his baby mama. But what if he will just go back to his little family? Here are the signs.

1. They do a lot of parenting together

He is always saying how important it is for him and her to work together for the child. But there’s something called co-parenting, that means the child visits him and he gets to build the values and norms for the child. If they do things as a family then you’re very close to being a third wheel.

why your baby daddy is still in love with his baby mama

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2. He is mostly on her side

Whenever the baby mama does something wrong he is always on her side. Even if she is intrusive and on top of it they argue like they are still together.

signs he is still in love with his baby mama

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3. He doesn’t want her to know that he is dating

He always wants to protect her feelings so he will not tell her about you. He honestly doesn’t take you seriously, that’s why he is not going to tell her. You’re also probably the girl he is using to get over her, poor thing.

signs he is still in love with his baby mama

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4. He talks to her a lot 

He says they have to talk about their baby, that’s cute. But every single day? That’s insane. There’s nothing like that, he will talk to her all the time because he wants to also get updates about her, he refuses to just deal with her when he needs to pick the child up. This is because he uses the baby to stay connected to her.

why he still hangs out with baby mama

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5. He is always praising her

Oh she’s such a great mother, oh she’s super cool and all that kind of stuff. I am not saying he should speak ill of her but he should just be indifferent and neutral.

reasons he is still in love with his baby mama

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6. He is still heavily involved with her family 

He still goes for their family functions, my friend, those are husband roles, you’re sleeping with someone’s husband.

reasons he still talks to baby mama

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It’s honestly your mans responsibility to make everything as comfortable as possible. If he doesn’t respect or love you enough then he will not take the time to make things comfortable between all of you. You choose your struggles baby girl.

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