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6 Sexual Things Confident Women Do In Bed

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Here are sexual things confident women do in bed.

One of the greatest things a woman can own is her sexuality. I mean the kind that is not ashamed of the fact that she sometimes has sexual urges and maybe she just loves sex. Women like these admit that they like having a good time because they can also give you an unforgettable experience. They don’t fear taking control in the bedroom and any man who lands with such a woman ends up being addicted to her.

1. They are not afraid to use eye contact. 

These women will look at you straight into your eyes and will instantly form a bond. They want you to see their facial expressions from how they mourn to how much they are enjoying it. They are never shy and would even want the lights on while getting it on with you.

confident women in bed

Image: R. Eric Thomas

2. Introduce sex toys to the bedroom. 

Such women are kinky so they have the ability to surprise you every once in a while. They would bring sex toys to spice things up and can even play with them as their boyfriends watch. No, this is not a fantasy because such women exist.

confident women in bed

Image: Giphy

3. They don’t fear masturbating. 

They can make themselves feel good just by playing with themselves. They are not embarrassed when it comes to their sexual game and they know how to keep their sexual flavours going.

confident woman in bed

Image: HelloGiggles

4. They can talk dirty in bed.

They will impress you with dirty talks and sometimes if you’re not used to it they may make you feel awkward. They also say it in a sexual manner with a sexy voice that would drive any man crazy.

confident women in bed

Image: BuzzFeed

5. Get on top and take control. 

She wants you to get the full view so she would rather get on top and let you enjoy seeing her bounce. At the same time this is her position of control and power while for some men this may be odd to her this is how she gets off.

6. Dress up sexily for their partner.

Forget the old nightdresses and old promotion tee shirts. The confident woman is sexy and once in a while if she is not walking around naked she knows how to tease in the bedroom. She doesn’t fear slaying in high heels and tight figure hugging lingerie’s.

confident woman in bed

Image: Pinterest

There’s nothing wrong with being a confident woman in bed. It not only helps to spice your sex life but it also boosts your self-esteem.

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