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6 Reasons Why You’re Constipated In Early Pregnancy

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Are you more constipated during early pregnancy?

There are actual reasons why you’re more constipated during pregnancy. It’s not enough that you’re moody, your body is changing and you’re scared of natural birth. Many women complain of constipation during their early pregnancy and apparently it’s normal but very uncomfortable. Here are some reasons why your digestion has slowed down.

1. Oh, dear hormones why are you so cruel?

Your hormones are never just relaxing during pregnancy. They are overactive at all times and the main one in this situation is progesterone. It basically slows down digestion, which can make you feel bloated, full and heavily constipated.

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2. Prenatal vitamins

The vitamins you’re on have iron which is very much needed in a mother’s diet. This could also be causing your constipation, this doesn’t mean you stop taking the vitamins.

reasons you're constipated during pregnancy

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3. The uterus is putting pressure on your bowel

Your growing uterus is doing a lot and as is stretches it’s also going to put pressure on your bowel. It puts pressure on your rectum and intestines, making it hard to go to the loo.

reasons you're constipated when pregnant

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4. You’re not drinking water

Obviously, if you’re not hydrating things are not moving as they should. You need to drink as much water as possible to keep things moving.

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5. Your diet

Your diet should include veggies, fruits and a lot of fibre. I am sure you want to eat fried chicken and fries all the time but you need to keep a balance.

reasons you're constipated when pregnant

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6. You’re not moving around as much

Yes, you’re tired and you probably don’t want to move around as much but working out or taking long walks helps speed up metabolism.

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You need to take care of yourself at the end of the day. Everything you put in your mouth affects your weight, your digestion and your health even more than before.

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