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6 Reasons He Only Wants Sex But Not A Relationship

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There are always reasons why he only wants sex but not a relationship.

Men are simple human beings but we like acting like they are very deep. This is because most of the times they don’t want to tell us the truth and other times we don’t like telling ourselves the truth. At the back of our heads we usually know the truth but we hate it. We would rather pretend that he loves us yet we know very well he doesn’t. Also, women stay in sexual relationships in hopes that it will be more but here are the reasons it will not be anything.

1. He is still in love with his ex 

A man who is still in love with his ex is a dangerous man. He will not give you what you want, he will only be interested in you if he wants sex. If he loves his ex he is probably using you to get over her and as a sex object.

reasons he only wants a relationship but not sex

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2. You’re just good in bed but not his type 

You’re great in bed which is okay but in reality you’re not his type. You’re not the woman he wants to take home and it has nothing to do with you it’s just that you’re not his type. Maybe from how you dress, to your hobbies to how you speak you just don’t cut if from him.

reasons he wants sex but not a relationship

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3. He is in a relationship 

If he is in a relationship he will never want anything serious with you because his heart is elsewhere. But most men are selfish, they will keep you there very well knowing that there’s nothing in store for you but if you allow yourself to be kept you shall be kept.

reasons he wants sex but not a relationship

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4. He is not ready for a relationship

Most men don’t refuse sex even if they know they don’t want a relationship. If you want a relationship but you’re sleeping with someone who doesn’t want one, you’re doomed. You will forever be waiting for him to love you and he will only be thinking of sex.

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5. You just allow yourself to be used 

You know that he doesn’t want to be serious but you’re still ever willing to open your legs and give it up. Unless you only want sex also, don’t give a man you expect a relationship from sex because he will hurt you.

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6. He doesn’t take you seriously 

Probably because he thinks you have slept around or he has never really seen you as the dating type. Also if he didn’t have to work for you he won’t feel the loss.

reasons he only wants sex

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Women are more emotional when it comes to sex, so please guard yourself first. You have a lot of power between your legs so don’t go around giving it to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Let someone court you, try and date you then maybe just maybe you can have sex.

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