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6 Lines Broke Kenyan Men Use On Women

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These are the lines that only broke Kenyan men use on women.

Broke Kenyan men have a way of making you feel like money is not everything. They come with lines that make you feel like you need to do more, that you need to be simple, you need to love him as he is. Kenyan broke men are the bitter men in our society, they claim that Kenyan women are too much and that there are no good women.

1. I am a simple man I don’t like complications

He could be simple in terms of his personality but he could also be saying that because he is broke. He has to warn you in advance that he is broke and is not about extravagance because he is insecure. He knows that you will wants dates or probably expect some amount of treatment but nope he cannot because he is simple.

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2. I have a business that hasn’t picked up but I just quit my job

He has this business that hasn’t picked up in such a long time. That business is a plan that will take forever because he doesn’t have one. He is a dreamer not a doer, he will mostly be living in his own world of how he will be rich but he doesn’t even have a job.

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3. All women are after money and I just want a woman who loves me

That’s okay, we all want someone who loves us for us for who we are. But when a man insists that he doesn’t want a woman who will ask him about his finances it’s because he actually can’t manage a woman who expects him to be stable.

kenyan broke men

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4. I can’t give a woman money, I have it but I can’t just give it

Well that’s okay, you don’t have to give a woman money. But the worst thing is that a broke man is super selfish. He will talk about how women are gold diggers but really it’s because he is super bitter with life and his broke state.

kenyan broke men

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5. I live at home because my mum is sick 

That’s not true, he probably lives at home because he is either a mama’s boy or he genuinely can’t afford rent. He stays at home because it is the cheaper option and he doesn’t want to grow up plus he is broke.

Kenyan broke men

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6. Money is not everything 

You are only allowed to say this once you actually have that kind of money. When you have that kind of money where you have discovered that you have millions but you still don’t need money then you can talk.

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There’s nothing wrong with being broke. It’s just annoying when someone actually pretends to have money but they don’t. At the same time, it is okay if a man tells you that he has no money but you can see that he is trying but it’s not really your place to help a man grow unless you see potential.

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