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6 Kenyan Celebrities Who Became Mothers At A Young Age

kenyan celebrity mothers
We all wish we could get married and then we would get children and live happily ever after.

These Kenyan celebrities became mothers at a very young age but they managed to come out stronger than ever. Most of them happen to be single mothers assuming that they were in very compromising situations where they were ridiculed because of their age. Nevertheless, they are raising their children and they are true examples that you don’t have to be a failure as a young mother.

1. Victoria Rubadiri 

Despite the fact that she was brought up in a super Christian household Victoria got her daughter when she was only 18. She was obviously traumatized especially because she had not started to pursue her dreams yet, but she is now a News Anchor and clearly making big moves in her career.

kenyan celebrity mothers

Image: Tuko.co.ke

2. Akothee

The mother of five didn’t just have her kids when she was older. Her story is both scary and inspiring at the same time. She got her first born when she was only 14 and didn’t know much about motherhood. Well, years later she is able to take care of all her children and we see why she is such a boss lady.

kenyan celebrity mothers

Image: Nairobi News

3. Catherine Kamau AKA Selina from Mother-in-Law)

When I look at Catherine Kamau she really reminds me of what a strong, determined woman should be like. She got her son when she was 19 years old and she has described it as one of the most traumatic experiences as people thought she was careless and reckless.

kenyan celebrity mothers

Image: Mpasho

4. Adhiambo Opondo

The TV host got her baby while she was still at the Kenyatta University so you can only imagine the pressure she had.

kenyan celebrity mothers

Image: Youth Village Kenya

5. Cindy Ogana

She always talks about the fact that she became a mother at a very young age and it is super inspiring because despite her challenges she now has a steady job and is an influencer.

kenyan celebrity mothers

Image: Nairobi Wire

6. Vanessa Kiuna

Bishop Allan Kiuna’s daughter Vanessa Kiuna had her child when she was only 19. She also got married when she was 18 to the guy in the photo below.

kenyan celebrity mothers

Image: Classic 105

Being a young mother is very challenging. It’s not easy to make ends meet but I bet it will make you more organized, more hardworking and focused. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel, keep chasing your dreams, be a good mother and let this celebrity mothers inspire you.

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