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6 First Time Parenting Things You Didn’t Know About

Do babies equal cuteness and cuddles? WRONG!

You know that babies rely on their parents for literally everything. You might have read books about newborns and even googled tips on first time parenting, but still, end up clueless. You’re completely clued up on diaper changing, feeding the baby and sleep time and everything else that a baby needs. But what about the stuff that first time parents don’t get told? While there’s a lot of useful advice out there, you probably don’t know what it’s really like to have a baby..

1. Bare bottom babies bring bad things to the sofa

It’s a good thing for your baby to crawl around and chill bare bottom. It’s healthy. Going nappy free helps to avoid nappy rash, especially if your little one has sensitive skin. But if you don’t want your beautiful sofa  covered in baby poo, keep bare bums strictly on the Macintosh.

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2. Baby’s belly button will turn black

Don’t panic! And no, it’s not your baby’s third eye either. After birth, your baby’s umbilical cord will be clamped and cut off, leaving a small stump behind on your little one’s tummy. In around 10 days or so,  the stump will dry up and turn black. But first-time parents needn’t worry it just means the stump is going to fall off completely and your baby’s belly button will be fine

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3. Every morning feels like a hangover

Yes, you will be sleep deprived from time to time. Having a baby can make you feel like you have a permanent hangover. My best advice for new parents? When baby sleeps, you sleep. Even if it’s for five minutes. Treasure these little moments of silence. Or you’ll regret later.

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4. Emergency explosive poos will happen

Yup! get your protective armour ready, because you will get tons and tons of this. If you’re breastfeeding, babies are more likely to have lots of loose poos throughout the day (and night). However, keep an eye out for really runny explosions which could be a sign of a diarrhoea. uh oh

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5. Baby’s nails are actually claws

I tend to think that a baby’s nails are secretly razor blades. Damn, they’re cute but sharp AF! so be careful. First-time parents are probably scared of cutting them down in case they snip their baby’s skin. But when these mini talons are long enough, your baby will end up scratching themselves anyway. Grab those baby-safe nail scissors and get the job done. Before it ends up being a talon war.

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6. Your newborn is a tourist attraction

Everybody will want to come and see your baby. Relatives from the village, and even your friends and family. They will line up just to get to hold him/ her. Be prepared for this. The number of pictures that will be taken on that day will fill up a truckload of albums I tell you.

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What to expect

You will catch up slowly. So just take your time, keep reading the books and Google should be your best friend! remember, have fun as well. You’re doing great.

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