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6 Creepy Signs He’ll Be Physically Abusive

Are there really early warning signs?

This is a bit of a nightmare scenario for every girl getting into a relationship, the guy turns violent and dating rapidly becomes a terrifying war. So are there actually early warning signs that a guy will become physically abusive? Simply put: yup.

1. Mean to kids and animals

This might seem obvious (given that the killer in slasher movies tends to this) but this kind of behaviour is all too common with abusive types. They’ll beat animals, smack kids without provocation and just generally act cruelly. It wouldn’t be long before this violence would turn against you.

2. Talks about past experiences with violence

No we’re not talking about how guys brag about the time they ‘almost beat some guy’s ass in a bar’ (all guys do that, and most haven’t done so). This is talking about past times he got physical with a girl in his life. He’ll probably make excuses, but don’t fall for it.

3. Can ‘flip a switch’

One minute everything is going great, the next he’s completely pissed, sulking and barely talking to you. This is flipping a switch emotionally. If it starts to happen on a frequent basis, you have to ask yourself if his emotional mood swings can turn violently abusive.

4. Holds you to a ridiculous standard

If you’ve done everything right for an entire day, but put down a fork at less than a 90 degree angle, it’ll set him off. That is making you live up to a standard that is frankly impossible. The problem comes in when you don’t live up to what he’s trying to project onto you, that’s when things can get violent and abusive.

5. He’s way too rough in bed

Another classic sign of a guy that could wind up being violent is acting way too roughly in the bedroom. Weird sex acts and violent role play that make you feel uncomfortable are common.

6. There’s a lot of abusive talk

This is that line between verbally abusive and physically abusive, when will he turn the corner? If he’s been insulting and degrading to you emotionally, that kind of language can start to include hints towards acting violent towards you. Get out the second he starts being emotionally abusive!

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