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6 Common Mistakes Women Make During Sex

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These need to stop ladies. 

Whether the mistakes come from trying too hard, trying too little, feeling insecure, or not feeling comfortable, we have them all listed below.

1. Just lying there

Most guys want to see you have some fun. So just lying there is a big turn off, and pretty boring.


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2.Not being confident about your body

No matter your body type, be confident taking off your clothes in front of bae. The guy has already decided that he’s totally into you the way you are, so don’t ruin it. Show off those imperfections with pride.

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3. Faking orgasms

Or at least making it look obvious that you are just pretending. If a guy can’t take you there, just let him know what he’s doing wrong. For the sake of the next time.

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4. Not being vocal

Men get off knowing their partner is enjoying themselves. If you like it, make some noise, don’t be too over dramatic though.


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5. Not giving him positive feedback when he’s making you feel good

If he’s actually pretty good, or almost there, then let him know.


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6. Not being more experimental

Basically not trying out new things, or being too uptight about a certain position. Try many different things, explore together, that’s the adventure.


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Have you ever found yourself doing any of the above things? Learn how to work on it, and start enjoying better sex.

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