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5 Ways He’ll React To A Pregnancy Scare

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That dreaded pregnancy scare; the test of any relationship.

How is this dude going to react to this breaking story? Its an age old question, one that seems to be an enigma, wrapped in a mystery inside a box of fear. So what are common reactions of guys to a pregnancy scare?

1. The terminal freak out

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This dude will react to your pregnancy like people reacted to 9/11. He can’t believe it, there must be someone to blame (probably you) and there must be answers! He’ll get angry and probably storm out, reflecting his emotional security and general maturity regarding all things sexual.

2. The over planner

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You haven’t even gone to the chemist for a pregnancy test yet and he’s already thinking about how to save up to send that kid to Braeburn. What was the name of your great-aunt in shags (start remembering quick, because he’s already thinking up names). You may get into arguments about the future career of your vague possibility of a child with this man.

3. The crier

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No words, just tears. A lot of tears. He may try to call his mother. Stop him, slap him, repeat. This may just be a case where you’ll have to go out and take that pregnancy test by yourself (to avoid his tears washing away the test results).

4. The schemer

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Within seconds, there are sly suggestions about how easy things would be to ‘fix’ the problem (meaning the possibility of pregnancy). He knows a doctor, and things will be taken care of. Just don’t say anything about the current predicament on social media. Remember to look into the possibility of a secret family with this guy.

5. The supportive

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They do exist. This one won’t over or under react. Whatever you want to do, he’s on board with it. There isn’t any dodging of the issue. He’ll just say that you two are in it together and will probably even dash out to buy the test. This one is also known as a unicorn.

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