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5 Valid Reasons You Should Not Move In With Your Baby Daddy

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These are the valid reasons you should not move in with your baby daddy.

People tend to think that when you have a child with someone you’re basically married. I say, you are married when you actually have a certificate to prove it. A man who is your baby daddy is the father of your child but it doesn’t mean you’re also his. So, now here we are, you’re thinking of moving in together, should you?

1. You’re not sure who will pay for what

Moving in together is all fun and games until the bills come in. You see when you’re living by yourself you can plan on how much you will use without a problem. However, when you move in with someone you need to think of what would happen if this person lost his job or what will he pay for etc.

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2. He is not financially stable or he is just stingy

If he himself is struggling to make ends meet, chances are he will end up off loading a lot of financial burdens on you. Remember this is not your husband you cannot be supporting someone because they don’t have.

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3. He has not been taking care of you even while you’re apart

You have been struggling alone and your low life baby daddy has not been taking care of you. If he has not been working to make you feel comfortable what makes you think he will now make you a priority?

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4. He will not work hard to actually pay dowry or marry you

Let him work for you or at least commit to your family and in front of people that he is actually willing to settle with you. You are not a girl who was brought out from some forest, you have a family with a background and he needs to acknowledge that with a big gesture.

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5. He is just not a good person

Can you even live with this guy? Is he a womanizer? Are you going to move in with him then realize that he will not change either way? A man needs to prove to you that he can firstly be responsible by himself away from you because if you move in with him you’re going to be his mother instead.

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It’s never a good idea to act desperate at any time because you have a baby with someone. Remember you have a baby, it is stressful to be a single mother but it is better than having a man who will make it worse.





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