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5 Things Your Unborn Baby Feels When You’re Having Sex

A foetus in the womb
Source: Baby Center
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These are the things your unborn baby feels when you have sex.

I am sure you have had different myths about what babies feel when you and bae are having sex. Of course many people say that babies are just in the womb just sleeping and existing. But it’s more than that, babies do feel some things even when you are having sex and here are some of those things.

1. They don’t feel pain

You do realize that your baby is in a sac? Filled with fluid so their basically in their own swimming pool where they are protected. Your man can’t reach their with his ding dong, but don’t try some harmful BDSM things.

things babies do in the womb

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2. Can they see you guys having sex?

Babies in their third trimester can see light but nope, they cannot see you and your partner having sex. It’s actually pretty dark in the womb so you don’t have to worry.

what your baby feels when you're having sex

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3. They can hear the noises

Yes, they can hear the moans and groans from the both of you. The good thing is that they don’t know what exactly they are hearing so you can relax.

things babies feel in the womb

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4. The baby feels the rhythm 

A baby can always feel what the mother is feeling. So when you’re being moved from the right to the left your baby can feel that rhythm.

things babies feel when you're in the womb

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5. Are you poking the baby? 

No, you’re not poking the baby unless you put something really long that will pock the amniotic fluid.

things babies feel in the womb

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Babies feel your emotions as well all you need to know is what babies do in the womb.

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