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5 Things Going To Safaricom Jazz Fest Says About You

Safaricom jazz festival
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Remember the Good Vibes From The Last Safaricom International Jazz Festival?

The thing we love about The Safaricom International Jazz Festival is it always delivers a good time, great music, and a great crowd at an affordable price! Remember proceeds from all ticket sales are donated to the Ghetto Classics music programme which has already helped over 1,500 musically talented children from all over Kenya. Meaning it’s delivering more than just fun. The next one is on May 1st! If you’re attending this event, it means there are some things we think are true about you.

1. It’s a charitable event which means you’re a giver

Did we mention that this event supports Ghetto Classics program which has uplifted many children from Korogocho, Huruma, Dandora, Mukuru Kwa Reuben and elsewhere, teaching them an instrument and equipping them with skills in live music performance? It’s an awesome way of breaking the cycle of poverty that many of them are born into, and bringing some beauty into their lives. By you attending such an event, we are assuming you would rather attend an event that will also help someone else while also having fun.

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2. You love good music which means you’re probably an interesting conversationalist as well

Jazz attracts men and women who are intentional about the music they listen to, and how they spend their time. They’re always super interesting to talk to and hang out with. Show me the music you like and I will tell you who you are. You probably listen to more than just hip hop and are also keen to discover celebrated African Jazz musicians, like Paco Séry and Cheick Tidiane Seck, who are headlining the Festival on Wednesday. If you’re not familiar with their music, here’s a lovely live recording of the vibe you can expect from Cheick Tidiane Seck. So danceable! We couldn’t pick just one video from Paco Sery. He’s got so much swing! And he sings!


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3. You are  probably not a party animal and like a classy audience

This year’s Safaricom Jazz Festival is set to take place at noon on the 1st of May at the Carnivore grounds. We can guess you will sleep early on Tuesday night so that you can enjoy those drum solos without the trouble of a hangover. You also don’t want to hurdle up in a crowded club most of the times hence why you prefer an open environment.

4. You like value for your money

If you’re a student then you will get a discount of Ksh 1500, since student tickets are only KSh 500.All you need to do is present your student ID when you pick up your ticket. (We recommend getting them in advance!) They’re available via Masoko. If you’re not a student then you will spend KSh 2,000 on your ticket, which means you prefer to spend your money on worthwhile experiences. You could easily spend that 2k on something silly but nope, you are at the Safaricom International Jazz Festival probably enjoying a glass of wine while listening to deep, moving music.

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(Pro Tip: You can be cleverer and get your ticket for Ksh 1500 on Masoko)

5. You have a mature soul

Jazz is for a mature soul that understands that music doesn’t have to be for twerking or insulting women. You are probably also a romantic person, a creative soul with a deep mind.

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If you have all the characteristics above then we are assuming you will be at the Safaricom Jazz Festival this coming Labour day. This year’s theme is celebrating African Jazz, and will also feature supporting performances from Mandla Mlangeni and the Tune Creation Committee (South Africa), Sylwester Ostrowski & The Jazz Brigade ft. Freddie Hendrix (from Poland & USA) and some of our favourite local acts, including the celebrated Nairobi Horns Project, Shamsi Music, Jacob & Kavutha Asiyo, Kato & The Change Band and of course, the Ghetto Classics.

Is there any better way to spend Labour day than with some African Jazz?

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