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5 Sure Signs A Guy Is Just Using You

signs he is using you
Men can be very selfish, they know what they want and when they get it they know whether they will be serious or not with you.

There are usually signs that a guy is just using you but most women choose to ignore. You can’t ignore a guy who obviously treats you badly and makes you feel like a crap, the signs are there, the universe has made it clear that he is not the one for you. If it is not clear enough for you, probably these signs will enlighten you.

1. He has not introduced you to his family and friends

You haven’t may have met some of his friends but he has never introduced you to his family. He claims that the right time has not come yet and that he is not ready for such a big step. Don’t feel too special if you have met his boys because they can meet up to 5 different girls in a day and you’re just one of them.

signs he is using you

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2. You are always the one trying to make him happy in bed

He doesn’t take your needs into consideration, immediately he orgasms he is happy with that and won’t care about you. When you try and tell him you want more, he makes you feel like you’re asking for too much.

signs he is using you

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3. He only talks to you when wants something

It could be money or sex or any kind of favour. If he only calls you when he wants something and not even check up on you then he is wasting your time. He clearly only needs you for what you give not who you are.

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4. He doesn’t want to commit 

When you talk about commitment he ignores the topic and claims that he has been heartbroken too many times and that you should stop pressuring him. This is nonsense, if a guy wants to commit he will do it without you holding a press conference for him.

signs he is using you

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5. He doesn’t really make time for you

When you mean something to someone they actually make time for you regardless of what is going on in their life.

signs he is using you

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There is never a point of trying to keep a man who is just using you. You may try to convince him that you’re actually a keeper but as long as his mind is set on not being serious with you it will never change.

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