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5 Signs Your Mother-In-Law Is Like Diamond’s Mother

Mama Diamond
Is your mother-in-law like Diamond’s mother?

What does this even mean? Is Diamond’s mother good or not? It is really up to you to decide and see if this kind of mother is toxic or not. Diamond’s mother is basically a mixture of sweet and sour sauce and from her actions she is highly involved in her son’s life, see if these character traits are in your new mom.

1. She has made it clear she doesn’t like you 

Remember when Diamond’s mother said out loud that she didn’t like Hamisa? It was clear that there was discrimination and the fact remains she was never supportive of Hamisa’s relationship with Dimond. Does your in-law give you vibes that she doesn’t like you?

diamond's mother

Image: Kiss FM 

2. She is highly involved in her son’s life 

I mean like super highly involved, they are like Bff’s and while this may be cute, you wonder who you will be married to, him or her?

diamond's mother

Image: Mpasho

3. She may play some emotional games

Diamond’s mum is clearly very opinionated and the fact that she is very open about her feelings for whoever Dimond dates it goes to show what kind of woman she is. You can imagine how Hamisa felt when there was a back and forth on social media where  Dimond’s mum made it clear that she approved of Zari’s children.

diamonds mother

Image: Ghafla!

4. She loves an audience

Your mother-in-law may not be as famous as Diamond’s mother but does she love an audience? Does she talk to everyone about you and your affairs? Well Diamond’s mother loves her social media audience, she clearly loves an audience.

diamonds mother

Image: eDaily Kenya

5. You feel the pressure to stay on her good side at all times

Did you see how Tanasha was acting when she was around Dimond’s mother? Like it’s normal to be nervous, however being too nervous is also a sign that she has an intimidating nature which is not a good thing to exude.

 tanasha diamonds mother

Image: Pulselive.co.ke

If your mother-in-law is anything like this then how is it? Is it a good experience?

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