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5 Signs Your Man Doesn’t Care About You Enough

He doesn’t really give a damn hun.

Who doesn’t want to be loved? Because we all do. We want to enjoy the fact that someone cares and loves us like crazy. But what everyone is also afraid of, is when that ka special someone, doesn’t care about you that much. This is the hardest pill to swallow I tell you. So  in order to avoid getting super hurt and everything, here are red flags that your man just doesn’t give a crap about you. Yeah, I went there.

1. He disregards your feelings

If talking about things that are important to you and mean something to you makes him gag, then high chances are that he doesn’t really care about you or your feelings. Seems like this nigga doesn’t know just how good he’s got it. Huh? It’s all good because he wasn’t and isn’t worth your time anyway. You deserve better.

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2. He is self-absorbed

Talk about getting off his high horse ey? Well, he only talks about himself and everything that revolves around him and not you. Tell that bruh, he needs to take it down a couple of notches. He’s not that important anyway. He might as well FOH.

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3. He takes ages to respond to your messages

Like when will a guy realize that when a woman texts him at 7:00 PM, she expects a reply at 6:59 PM, not 7:01 or 8:00 PM. How hard is it? If he takes hours or even days to respond, girl I am truly sorry to say this but; there’s either someone else, or he just ain’t that into you sis.

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4. He doesn’t make room for what’s important to you

This is straight up BS and disrespectful. If he’s only willing to do the things that HE is interested in doing whether it be going to his restaurants, the movies, TV shows, yet are never willing to make compromises when it comes to things that interest you, it’s a huge red flag.

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5. You’re always making excuses for him

Girl, if you find yourself doing this then you really need to STAAHP! You are not his sidekick. You are supposed to be his MAIN WOMAN. And if he makes you feel otherwise then he really needs to check himself into a mental institution.

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Feeling loved and valued in a relationship is incredibly important for our sense of well-being and conversely, feeling like our men don’t care about us can wreak some serious damage to our emotional lives. Remember that you’re a queen. And queens deserve royal treatment given by a KING. Expect nothing less.

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