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5 Signs That You’re The Best Sex He’s Ever Had!

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So it’s a known fact that we’ve dealt with guys in the past, who were bad in the sack and also, men have dealt with women who sucked in bed too. You feel me? But let’s be honest; guys want sex and they want it real real good too. So if you’re wondering if you’re good in the bedroom for ya mans yeah? Here are sure signs that you rock his world!

1. When ya’ll be ” Netflix & Chill” it’s always “chill” for ya’ll

What’s Netflix? Look at you smiling from ear to ear. When he automatically invites you over to his place and vice versa, you know it’s never about the movies or chit-chat. Nah all he wants to do is decorate your body with some sauce. You know it; he knows it. So, yeah.

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2. He’s ready for round 2, 3, 4

We’ve been with guys who after one or two jizzes, he’s done for the moment, and needs some time to reboot and everything. But with this one, he seems to keep going and cummin’  (literally). He’s not getting tired. He’s ready to keep going. This one right here ladies is a keeper.

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3. Y’all can’t seem to stop smiling

Even after he’s done the deed(s), he looks at you in amazement and the icing on the cake is when he sees your smile. This is just a sure sign that you’re the best sex he’s ever had. Bonus points are many when he cuddles right after. Need I say more?

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4. He’s had multiple orgasms in one session

This is impressive. Did you know what the refractory period is like for men? This is like making his dick run for miles, and then it still has the energy to be like, “Hell yeah, I got one more load to offload in me. Let’s do this baby.” Hell yeah!

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5. You’ve managed to wear him out

Girl, these tricks you got up your sleeve seem to be keeping this nigga in line eh? Well, if he’s really exhausted after your sex-a-thon, then you’ve won the trophy mama. You win!

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Well, the trophy for the best sex he’s ever had and will ever get goes to *drum roll please* YOU! Keep up the good work. It seems you know the game pretty well.

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