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5 Signs It’s Time To Stop Trying To Please Men Like Lisa Gaitho

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It’s time to stop trying to please men like Lisa Gaitho.

Have you been in a position where men just seem to be the center of your life? Where they tend to take most of your time and you follow them with everything you have? Lisa Gaitho is the controversial blogger who said that she would bathe her man, as a matter of fact she seemed to be doing it. However, she has recently stepped forward and said that it’s time to get saved. Here are the signs you need to jump in Lisa Gaitho’s boat ASAP.

1. You’re always agreeing with everything a man says 

Are you a “yes” woman? You act like a bubble head around your man to make him happy? Well then this means you go out of your way to make a man happy even when you know he is wrong, I mean surely why would you act dumb to please a man?

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2. You’re too available 

Wherever he goes, whenever he asks for your presence regardless of what you’re doing you would drop everything in a minute to actually accommodate his needs. You can even travel miles away with him just to make him happy.

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3. You take care of him like a small baby 

Remember when Lisa said she would bathe her man? We are not against you taking of your man but we are against you taking care of him like he’s some 12 year old. You should take care of each other not be his mummy.

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4. You put up with a lot of crap in the name of love 

You know he’s generally not a good man but you will put up with him just so you have a man in your life. You see this is desperate and when men know this, they treat you like garbage.

lisa gaitho

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5. You can never stay without a man 

You’re always that girl who always has a boyfriend come rain or shine. Is this normal? Nope, it indicates that you have a void that needs to be constantly filled and you get it from men.

lisa gaitho

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So, Lisa Gaitho has decided that she will become celibate and will focus on Jesus. Maybe it’s time to restore your factory settings and focus on yourself and the things that matter instead of men, what do you think?

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