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5 Safe Ways To Lose Weight During Pregnancy

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These are the safe ways to lose weight during pregnancy.

I know it sounds ridiculous, people tell you to eat everything while your pregnant but they will not be there when you’re trying to cut weight. Here’s the thing, you can still be healthy while your pregnant and it’s even best to do so because you’re carrying another human being.

1. Track your calories

Apparently, a mother needs 1700 calories, so knowing this you can manage your calories based on what you eat. You don’t need to eat for two, you just need to eat enough for you your baby but don’t overeat.

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Source: Everyday Health

2. You need to workout

A good workout is about 30 minutes, this will also help you feel less tired and deal with issues like tense muscles. Get a good workout video that has been approved by your doctor, you can get them on YouTube or buy from a local movie vendor.

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3. Drink a lot of water

You need to hydrate even more than before. Remember when you’re thirsty you may confuse it for being hungry and end up eating a lot more or even drink unhealthy drinks like soda.

pregnant women diet

Source: BabyCenter

4. Healthy snacks

It’s all about the diet hun, you can actually maintain a desirable weight just by changing what you eat. Have a cheat day where you get to eat junk but only one type, don’t pig out. The other days, only drink water, eat fruits, veggies, proteins and healthy carbs like brown rice.

pregnant woman diet

Source: BabyCenter

5. Make sure you take prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins basically cover up for those vitamins that you may miss out from on your diet. You don’t need to eat for two so that your baby has more vitamins, just take your vitamins.

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Source: Family Living Today

At the end of the day, you need to be safe while making any drastic changes. Do not starve yourself all we’re asking you to do is be healthy and also let go of the idea that you need to overeat because you’re pregnant.

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