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5 Parenting Lessons People Should Take From Akothee

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Say what you need to say but if you have tried mothering 5 children from different baby daddies then maybe you deserve an opinion.

Akothee is not your typical “mother material” as a matter of fact she is probably the opposite. We don’t necessarily see her maternal streak because she lives her life to the fullest. We have seen her on stage “almost naked” and at the same time we know all about her love life. She lives large and regardless of what people say, there’s a lot to love about this strong spirited woman. These are the parenting lessons people should take from Akothee.

1. She is proud of all her children 

She is clearly all about her children from the fact that she is always posting them and she is not ashamed that she has had different baby daddies. She takes pride in all her kids and no one looks more favored than the others.

akothee as a parent

Image: Softkenya

2. She schools all of them 

Clearly her children are all in good schools including one of her older children who is in Strathmore University.

Akothee as a parent

Image: Ghafla!

3. She has empowered her daughters 

She has exposed her children to the better side of life so that they won’t be wowed by other men out there. She even exposed them to what clubbing is like and said that she would take her daughters out, drop them and even make sure they are okay, it’s better than being dropped by men and all that. Isn’t she wise?

akothee children

Image: Classic 105

4. She teaches her kids to work hard 

Akothee is not a spoiler, she will give her kids what they need but they also need to work hard. This has been made clear by how hard her kids work such as Rue Baby who is working on her modeling career.

Akothee children

Image: Pulselive.co.ke

5. She goes above and beyond to provide for them 

She has worked hard to ensure that all her kids are catered for. She has given them cars, education and all other forms of material things children their age would love to have.

Akothee and children

Image: Kiss FM

A mother is someone who does the very best to ensure that her kids are well supported and have the right foundation for their children. Akothee seems to have it all figured out, she is hard working, fearless and the kind of woman a daughter would want.

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