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5 Kenyan Socialites We Can’t Wait To See As Mothers

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These Kenyan socialites don’t have kids yet but we can’t wait to see them as mothers.

We all have set thoughts about Kenyan socialites. Some people assume that all they do is steal women’s husbands and are gold diggers. At the same time we never really imagine them as mothers because we think that probably their lifestyles are a bit too wild or even ratchet for children. However, one thing that we don’t doubt is their ability to finance their children’s lifestyles. These are the Kenyan socialites we can’t wait to see as mothers.

1. Huddah Munroe

Little is actually known about Huddah’s money but we do know that she makes enough to have a child. She is turning 27 next month, October 10th 2018. She has shared a bit about her dramatic childhood, living with a step-father until where she has reached now and we think she would make a brilliant mother especially because of her thick skin and hard working nature.

2. Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika came into the limelight because of her career as a video vixen. She has since become a business woman, has her own beauty parlour and is still making big money moves. We doubt she has any plans to get children now especially after her breakup with Otile Brown but we can’t wait to see her as a mother it will be amusing.

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3. Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon is famously known for breaking the internet with her naked photos. She is also an advocate by profession which clearly proves she is more brainy than some of us actually thought. She has since been planning to major in entertainment law which then puts her in her in a very good money making position. We think it would be interesting to see her as a mother as well, would the semi-nude photos reduce at least?

4. Pendo

Who wouldn’t want to see Nairobi Diaries star as a mother? She is loud, ferocious and seems a bit too hood sometimes to have a calm, soothing side for a child but it would be amusing to see her motherly side.

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Source: Pendo/Instagram

5. Lisa Martinez

Lisa Martinez has been said to make more money than most of us will really ever see. She is been known to pose with money more often than not, she has posted videos of her in a bathtub filled with money where she was asking her friends what she would do with all that money, I mean perhaps it’s time for her to get a baby and pay some school fees.

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We are not in any way saying that these women cannot be good parents. It’s just fascinating to see women who seem to have such a high paced life slow down to be mothers because motherhood changes most people, they slow down, become calm and sometimes even mature.

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