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5 Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Got Married To Foreigners

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These Kenyan female celebrities got married to foreigners and we think they are totally cute.

There are rumors that Kenyan men are not as romantic as foreign men and we wonder if it’s true. We wonder if these celebrities are happier because their husbands are either from West Africa or white and to be honest they seem happier and some have the cutest little kids.

1. Lucia Musau 

Lucia Musau got married a man from Europe and got a cute son together. She’s mostly a grounded person which makes her one of the most respectable women in Kenya.

lucia musau

Image: Pulselive.co.ke

2. Wendy Kimani

Wendy Kimani is well-known for her music and besides that she got married to a man from Holland. Unlike other couples who usually settle in Kenya Wendy relocated to Holland and they also have such a cute son together.

wendy kimani husband

Image: Mpasho

3. Emmy Kosgei

Emmy Kosgei was made fun of for getting married to a man much older than her who is from Nigeria but they seem to be quite happy together despite the age difference.

kenyan female celebrities dating foreigners

Image: Kahawa Tungu

4. Nyota Ndogo

Nyota Ndogo got married to a Danish man and she also revealed that she had been struggling to get a child for some time despite trying for a while.

nyota ndogo husband

Image: Nairobi Wire

5. Wambui Kamiru

Wambui Kamiru is married to Safaricom’s CEO Bob Collymore and he is a Guyanan-born British businessman who landed a Kikuyu wife.

kenyan celebrities

Image: Kenyanlife.com

There has always been some sort of taboo around interracial marriages but there’s wrong with these kind of marriages. People need to get rid of the stereotype that women who marry foreigners are just there for money.

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