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5 Female Kenyan Celebrities With Successful Businesses

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These Kenyan female celebrities have successful businesses.

We tend to marginalize women and assume that they only get money from men and other sources. Regardless of how a woman has made her money it’s what she invests that matters. These women have proven to have thick skin and clearly they should inspire other women.

1. Wahu Kagwi

Wahu Kagwi is does not only have a Math degree and a beautiful voice but she’s also an entrepreneur at the same time. She owns a salon in Westlands called Afro-Siri Salon.

Wahu Kagwi Kenya Short Hair Kenya Zumi

Source: WahuKagwi/Instagram

2. Betty Kyallo

Who doesn’t know Flair By Betty? It is the salon she opened after she fell out with her ex best friend Susan Kaitanny she opened her own hair business.

betty kyallo's new style

Source: Instagram

3. TerryAnne Chebet

TerryAnne Chebet she is the founder of Keyara Organics which is a natural skincare company. Just for the sake of mentioning, she also drives a Range Rover Evoque herself.

Terryanne Chebet

Source: Instagram.

4. Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has a beauty parlour and also her hands in the slimming tea business. Despite what people say about her, she seems to be building an empire.

vera sidika

Source: Instagram

5. Huddah Monroe

Huddah the boss chick has a makeup line and to think that people thought she wouldn’t make something out of herself. She maintained her own brand, has been keeping her personal life private

Huddah Munroe Kenya Cold Weather style

Source: HuddahMonroe

All these women started from somewhere and at the end of the day they built something out of themselves. They have reached where they have through hard work and determination.

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