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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Baby Kicking During Pregnancy

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We’re quite sure most of you didn’t know about baby kicking during pregnancy.

When you’re pregnant, whether it’s your first, second or even fourth, it can always be a very different experience. However, when it’s your first baby, you basically want to know everything. You’ve never been pregnant and you probably haven’t been around many pregnant people. The thing is, while you go about your day here are the things you need to know about your baby kicking.

1. You will feel some flutters when your baby kicks 

They say that you should feel your baby kick from the 16th week. You might not feel it the way you’d expect it. It feels like gas passing but no fart to represent it. It feels like some flutters in your stomach nothing more and nothing less. The kicks will be more defined as time goes by.

when will i feel the baby kicking?

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2. What makes your baby kick?

Babies respond to the environment, can you believe that? Too much noise, light or even certain strong foods can stimulate your baby into kicking and moving. Babies also need to stretch and move for relaxation. You are also encouraged to move around as it actually soothes your baby so don’t be a couch potato. The same way you want to feel your baby move is the same way he/she wants to feel you move around.

what do babies do in the womb?

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3. When do babies kick?

It really depends on the baby. Every baby is different, and this includes their movements. Some babies literally sleep all day and move at night when you are asleep, whereas others seem to be moving all the time.

when you don't know about babies kicking in the womb

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4. Will you always feel your baby move?

Not all the time and this doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with your baby. Some babies wait until you’re sleeping so they can kick up a storm around.

things you don't know about the baby kicking

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5. Will your baby be more active if he/she moves around more?

They say that if your baby moves around more in the womb they are more likely to be active when they are born. So if he moves around more then you will most likely spend your days running after him, how true is this? This might just be a myth.

baby kicking in the womb

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Your baby kicking is also a healthy indication that your he/she is fine. It’s a great way for you to bond and know that your baby can feel your movements. What was your experience like with your baby?

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