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5 Different Mom’s Describe How Giving Birth Felt Like And It’s Scary AF

Source: The New York Times
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Different mom’s described how giving birth felt and it’s scary.

If you haven’t giving birth you’re probably wondering what giving birth feels like. You have seen different experiences on movies, how they yell, how they cry and the whole things just looks traumatic. Many have sworn never to give birth but then before you know it you’re pregnant and now you’re worried how bad will it be? Here are some women’s stories.

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1. My baby decided to change position last minute

My baby came a week earlier and as I went for checkup they told me that I was actually in labour and I had no idea. One thing they did was the vaginal examination, no one talks about it but it was surprisingly painful. They put two fingers inside to check how far you have dilated and it’s uncomfortable. That pain was so intense especially as the contractions got closer. However when the baby was about to be born she changed position and I had to be taken for cesarean.

2. I had to be induced because of my condition

At 37 weeks I felt tired and I asked the doctor to let me give birth and he refused. The same day I went back home and from lunch time my back was hurting and at night I asked my husband to take me to hospital. When I arrived at the hospital the nurses thought I was in false labour, in the morning the doctor came and did the vaginal examination and I had dilated. It happened in an hour and it was the most painful thing I had ever experienced. When you’re having contractions you only feel better when you’re pushing, you just feel like pushing and the doctor kept telling me not to so that they could hold the baby. Holding the push is the most painful thing.

3. Pushing was painful!

Everyone said pushing was the best part, and they were dirty liars. Pushing out a baby feels like taking a giant, fiery poop. Like if you ate 100 hot peppers and then pooped out a watermelon. That’s what it felt like.

3. It was not what she had read in the books

All the things you think birth will feel like will be wrong. I read all the books and thought I was so prepared, but it was way different than what I expected. It was much easier than I expected in some ways, but also a lot harder in other ways (like delivering the placenta afterward).

4. To put it plainly

Giving birth felt like … I was dying.

5. It was horrible

Both my labors were purely back labor, so when people describe contractions as bad menstrual cramps, it never made sense to me. ‘Early’ labor for me feels almost like having intestinal cramping like you get with the stomach flu. When they broke my water, I had flashbacks to my first labor (where my water had broken right away). Those contractions are 100 times worse. Each contraction took all my focus. I arched my back with each one just trying to physically get away from the pain. It felt like someone was pushing forcefully from the inside against my spine and twisting it at the same time. It just made me want to crawl out of my skin. It’s pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. 

What was your labour experience? Does it always have to be painful or was it super easy for you.

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