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5 Cute Habits Girls Have That Men Love

Who knew?

No girl wants to look all dumb in front of a guy they like so we try to look all sophisticated, dress up nice, act glamorous and even go as far as torture ourselves by using the knife and fork in a restaurant when we’d rather be all hands on.Yikes!But there are some things that we women do that men absolutely dig!

Here are some of them:
1.When you touch his chest or interlock your arm with his

This makes him feel like the protector of the realm,the king of the jungle and the leader of the free world, all in one.

2.When you show up in sweatpants

Especially when you pair it up with his hoodie and still come out looking cute as hell! I mean it just proves that you’re more than your clothes.

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3.The Puppy eyes

Yes,he’ll get you anything you want when try this! Cute doll eyes that he can never say no to, trust us!

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4.Refusing to admit you are wrong

They say they let us win because they are right and we lowkey know it but we don’t really have to admit to that, do we?

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5.When you don’t want him to help because you are mad at him

Fact!He thinks it’s cute when you are feisty and determined not to let him help you open that can or lift something heavy. He won’t be mad unless he gets mad over everything.


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What cute habits do you do apart from these five?

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